About MSC

About MSC

METALS SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTING (MSC) has been established by Christian Leroy in January 2014.

MSC focusses on the sustainability aspects of metal products, especially in the transport, building and packaging sectors.

Courtesy European Aluminium Association

Courtesy European Aluminium Association

MSC acquired knowledge and experience over 20 years of activities within research institutes and European Aluminium association covering areas like education (e.g. alumatter), technology, innovation and environment, in particular using life cycle assessment (LCA).  MSC has developed a significant expertise in the aluminium product life cycle addressing sustainability aspects from the production, use and end of life stages.

Working for 15 years with European institutions, MSC has obtained an in-depth knowledge of the various EU initiatives and instruments, in particular concerning the following areas:

  • R&D funding programs and instruments like FP7 or Horizon 2020
  • Environmental product policy, e.g. eco-design or Product environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology
  • Building-related regulation and standardization, e.g. CEN/TC350 and Construction product regulation
  • Transport-related regulation, e.g. CO2 and Cars

Promoting a more sustainable Europe requires using a life cycle approach for assessing the sustainability of products and services which serve the needs of the European society and European citizens.

Securing the proper consideration of the recyclability of aluminium and metals in general into product standards and policy has been the major objective of MSC. This commitment led to the development of a coalition of major metals to defend the so called end of life recycling approach into the LCA methodology used in European standards for building product assessment.

Since 2012, this experience has been enriched by the establishment and the management of the METALS FOR BUILDINGS alliance regrouping major metal associations and federations representing metal interest in the building sector in Europe.

The stong involvement of MSC into the Product Environmental Footprint of metal sheet project and the coordination of several LCA activities for the metal sector at European level has also enlarged the scope of activities and expertise.

Christian Leroy – Senior consultant in metals sustainability – Manager and founder of Metals Sustainability Consulting SPRL